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Dan Berger - Known nationwide for his syndicated newspaper work, Dan is the Director of The Riverside International Wine Competition, and the Long Beach Wine Competition. A resident of Sonoma County, Dan is truly in touch with all that is Sonoma, and is the man behind "Vintage Experiences" on the web.

Ted Davidson - Working as a sommelier on both the west and east coast of the U.S. , Ted settled down in Napa at Spring Mountain Vineyard. Best known as the setting for the TV series Falcon Crest. Spring Mountain produces exceptional wines and has won "Best Wine" at a number or major tastings.Ted has interests in everything from baseball to opera.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thu Dec 16, 2009

Anthony Beckman - Winemaker for Balletto Vineyards, Anthony is one of the young , new age wine guys who are changing the way we look at the way wine is made. Balletto Vineyards , voted one of the top 10 in Sonoma by About.comis producing some of the most award winning wines in the state. The newest vintages , and what to look forward to in the future.

Richard Nowlin - Exec Director of The Wells Fargo Center for the Arts  Richard has some great ideas for you after a day of tasting wine in Sonoma County. One of the most noted venues north of San Francisco, the Center has Christmas programs this year featuring the likes of Johnny Mathis, and Andy Williams . Richard will tell us about some great events that are coming up , and what to expect next year.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thu Dec 2, 2009

Bob Peak - A partner in The Beverage People, Bob runs the go to shop in all of Wine Country for the home winemaker. The store located in Santa Rosa is the best source north of San Francisco for home brewing, home wine making, home cheese making, and all aspects of fermentation.

Michael Browne - The highest rated pinot , not just in California , but in the world , comes from Kosta Browne Winery. Mike , the superstar winemaker will be with us to give us his insight on Pinot Noir, and break some news about the Winery and what the future holds for all of us who are fans.

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Wed Nov 18, 2009


Jim Beal - Owner of The Beal Wine Group, Jim has just released his first vintage of zinfandel. As Winemaker / Owner of a small production winery, Jim is on his way to living the life in Sonoma County. His first wine is a winner out of the gate. Jim will tell us about the 2009 vintage, and what he expects the future to hold.

The FountainGrove Inn , insiders - We a looking forward to a round table discussion about what to do in Sonoma for the holidays. Some great ideas for a quick getaway to the Wine Country, and special deals for November and December. .

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wed Nov 4, 2009

Larry Levine - Larry is with The Sonoma County Winegrape Commission , and is one of the real professionals in all of Northern California Wine Country.
Larry will be here to tell us about the interesting harvest just wrapping up in Sonoma / Napa , and give us his take on how the 2009 wines will end up.

Ulises Valdez - A native of Michoacan Mexico, Ulises and his brother came to the US when he was 15. Working in the fields he showed a unique passion, enthusiasm , and vision . Now at the age of 39 he is living his dream as the President of Valdez & Sons Vineyard Management , and owner of Valdez Family Winery. Farming over 800 acres of vineyards , he provides grapes to some of the most well know vintners in California.

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Wed Oct 21, 2009

Christopher Silva - Chris is the CEO for St Francis Winery , and one of the most visible of the Wine Country personalities . We will be talking about the new releases , the problematic weather, and whats coming up in the Sonoma Valley.

Jon Phillips - Jon is the Proprietor of Inspiration Vineyards & Winery . Winemaker and winner of two gold medals , Jon has some pointed insight into running a boutique Winery in the heart of the Wine County.

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Wed Oct 7, 2009

Chris Russi - Winemaker for Thomas George Estates , Chris made his mark in Sonoma County at Christopher Creek Winery, and continues on at the new Thomas George making some classic Sonoma wines. Young and full of energy Chris is one of the leaders of the new generation of local winemakers.

Ron Washam - If you have yet to read the Hosemaster of Wine Blog , you are missing some of the most insightful and funny takes on the wine industry. Ron is a Sommelier and Wine Educator from Healdsburg CA with a unique perspective on the beverage industry, taking his views and commentary to what is without doubt a new level.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wed Sep 23, 2009


Denise Gill - General Manager for Hop Kiln Winery , Denise is a long time wine country fixture. With more than twenty years in the business, she is now involved in one of the most historic wineries in Sonoma County. Hop Kiln has a long history of great wines , and some of the best ever are being produced right now. Denise will be with us to talk about the history of the winery , its tie to Hollywood , and the newest vintages.

Marko Karakasevic - Distiller/Winemaker/ Custom Spirits Bottling Director - Charbay. Marko is one of the young guiding forces in the beverage industry. Vodka , whiskey, port, and some new secrets come from Charbay. Marko will tell us about what is happening in the New American approach to wine and spirits.

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Wed Sep 9, 2009

Tony Korman - A wine industry insider who was the former director of real estate for Kendall Jackson, Tony is now a principal in The Saggio Hills Project. The development company he heads is in the first stages of getting a world class wine country destination resort going just outside of Healdsburg Ca. Tony is also with us to talk about Equus Wine , his own label we use as our house pour at The FountainGrove Inn.

Tom West - Tom is the CEO for The Wine Emporium , one of the most interesting wine shops in all of Sonoma County. Located in Sebastopol, the shop features an extensive selection of local wines. The tasting bar at the Wine Emporium, always has more than 50 wines available by the glass , or for just a taste. Tom will tell us about some of the real deals and give us an experts take on what Sonoma wines you should be buying

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Wed Aug 26, 2009

Lee Hodo Marketing Manager Russian River Valley Winegrowers .
Sonoma Wine Weekend, and a very successful Grape to Glass event last week.

Randy Pitts - Winemaker Harvest Moon Winery
The 2009 harvest that is under way, and the great past vintages from Harvest Moon. We invite guests to be in the Studio Audience for questions, a taste of wine, and a chance to win a signed bottle of Harvest Moon. This is a new format , and we hope to have a good time with all involved.

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Wed Aug 12, 2009


Sara Cummings - Sara is with the Sonoma County Vintners Association and is the person in the know about the great events coming up this month and in September . We will be talking about Grapes to Glass, and The Showcase of Wine and food.

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Wed Jul 29, 2009


Kate MacMurray - The daughter of Fed MacMurray and June Haver, Kate is tied to the land in Sonoma County. The ranch her father built as a summer getaway , is now one of the best pinot noir vineyards in the area. Host to the Sonoma Showcase of Wine and Food, MacMurray ranch is unforgettable. Kate will be with us to talk about the exceptional wines , and give us a little insight into the Hollywood connection to the Sonoma Wine Country .

Nick Wittman - Nick is the owner of Santa Rosa Fine Wine, one of the best places in Northern California to find great wines. Nick has his finger on the pulse of the industry, and will tell us about some great wines now available, and some interesting future investments.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wed Jul 15, 2009


Bruce Cousins -- Bruce and his brother are owners of Armida Winery in the Dry Creek Valley. This year , Armida won best Pinot Noir at the California State Fair, along with many other awards and great press. Armida is the place to stop on Barrel Tasting Weekend, it is always a great time. Bruce will tell us about the progress in the vineyards, and his guess on the 2009 vintage.

Bill Smart -- From Dry Creek Vineyard, Bill is one of the in the know, young guys in Sonoma County. Dry Creek is know for the great Sauvignon Blanc, and wonderful hearty Zins, and Cabs. Bill is also a professional wine judge, and will tell us his take on trends and what he looks forward to in the next few years in the wine industry.

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Wed Jul 1, 2009


Michael Deere Colhoun - Mike is a member of the family that owns and runs Landmark Vineyards, a premiere property in the Sonoma Valley. Mike will be here to tell us about the great wines, wonderful facility, and what is in store at Landmark. We will also talk about the tie in to John Deere and the interesting family background.

Elizabeth Slater - Elizabeth is an educator, public speaker, and direct marketing specialist working with the wines of Sonoma County. Former President of the Dry Creek Valley Vintners Association, and now sought out nation wide as a motivational speaker she has her finger on the pulse of the wine industry. We will be talking about national trends, in this economy, and some Sonoma County favorites.

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Wed Jun 17, 2009


Dan Barwick ---Winemaker for Paradise Ridge Winery. Dan recently won the top award at The West Coast Wine Competition with his Russian River Pinot Noir. He will tell us about the win, the 2009 vintage, and a new tasting room for Paradise Ridge in the Valley of the Moon.

Jil Child --- Vice President for Wine Tours of the World , Jil is also a sommelier, and professional wine judge. Jil will give us info on The Eldorado County Wine Competition, held last week in Gold Country, and talk about the spectacular tours her company puts together.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wed Jun 03, 2009


Erik Olsen - Winemaker for Clos du Bois , Erik is on of the stars of the young , up and coming vintners. Winemaker, Wine Judge, and world traveler , we will be talking about the new line up of Clos du Bois wines , and trends in the industry.

Rick Nowlin - Rick is the Executive Director for Wells Fargo Center For the Arts.
The premiere venue for live acts in all of Northern California Wine Country, Wells Fargo Center has just listed the line up for next season. Rick will be here to tell us about the entertainment scene in Sonoma County.

Nick Frey - President of the Sonoma County Winegrape Commission , Nick is always a good source for a look into future vintages and is the go to man for events and things of interest in all of Sonoma County.

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Wed May 20, 2009


David Rafanelli -
David is the patriarch and was long the winemaker for A Rafanelli Winery in Dry Creek. Perhaps the most sought after of the Dry Creek Zinfandels, Rafanelli also produces world class Cabernet, and Merlot. Dave will give us his take on styles and the progress of the vines in 2009. Rafanelli is without question one of the best know names in the wine culture of Sonoma County.

Tom Mackey -
Tom is the head winemaker at St. Francis Winery. One of the premiere wineries in The Valley of the Moon, St. Francis is best know for the extraordinary Merlot along with a cutting edge program of pairing food and wine. Tom will be talking about recession proof wines , and trends he has followed over his tenure with the winery.

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May 06, 2009


Jon Provost -- Best know for his role as Timmy on the Lassie series
Jon has a vast film background and is a fixture in Sonoma County. We will be talking about some favorite wines, and the reason Jon opted for the Northern California lifestyle as well as his memories of Hollywood past.

Denise Gill - General Manager of Hop Kiln Winery
Denise oversees the day to day operations of a world renowned facility. A long term winery executive , she will be talking about the newest trends in the business , and tie into to the Lassie theme with tales of the James Stewart , Lassie film that was shot using Hop Kiln as a backdrop.

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Wed Apr 22, 2009


Executive Chef William Bloxsom-Carter - Playboy Mansion LA
This week, "The Sonoma Wine Report" welcomes Playboy's Chef William Bloxsom-Carter. Chef Carter will discuss the West Coast Wine Competition and the yummy Gourmet Mushrooms of Sebastopol with Bob Engel. Host Larry Van Aalst will also welcome Ken Murakami, the General Manager of The Fountain Grove Inn & Conference Center, Ken will be here to talk about some special travel deals to the area and the brand new spring menu by Chef Jeff at Equus Restaurant

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Wed Apr 8, 2009


Dan Berger - Wine Columnist
Dan Berger has been a wine columnist since 1976 and has resided in Sonoma County since 1986. Today, in addition to his privately published weekly wine commentary, Dan Berger's Vintage Experiences, Dan writes a nationally syndicated wine column for Creators Syndicate as well as articles for Decanter, Robb Report, Cheers, Beverage Dynamics, and numerous other publications.Mr. Berger was the full-time wine columnist and reporter for the Los Angeles Times from 1988 to 1996. His Los Angeles Times column was carried nationally by the Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service. During that time, he commuted from Sonoma County to Los Angeles, so he could maintain his residence and affiliations in wine country.

William Silver -- Dean, Sonoma State University School of Business.
Bill is the Director of the Wine Business Program at SSU . Recognized as one of the best programs in the nation, the SSU program is on the cutting edge of education in the Sonoma / Napa area.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wed Mar 25, 2009


Jennifer Bice & Ken Strunk

Jennifer is the cheese maker, and Ken is the General Manager of Redwood Hill Farm , one of the cutting edge Goat Cheese producers in California . Award winning artisanal yogurt & cheese produced with an emphasis on ethics and organics. The pair will be here to discuss artisan cheeses , and expos in California and around the US.

Peter Fanucchi

Peter is the owner of and Winemaker for Fanucci Vineyards in the Dry Creek area of Sonoma County. Peter is an award winning wine maker , using some unique clones , and making some one of a kind wines. He will be here with his Trousseau Gris to pair with the Redwood Hill goat cheese.