Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12/10-Larry Van Aalst talks with Will Seppi & Bob Peak

One of the real treasures of Sonoma County, is Costeaux French Bakery in Healdsburg. For more than ninety years , Costeaux has been producing extraordinary delights for both locals and visitors. Will Seppi , second generation in the business , will be with us to let us know how a small bakery in Northern California can win Bakery of the Year in a nation wide competition. Visiting Healdsburg means you must stop by for lunch, or put together a picnic at Costeaux.

One of the partners at The Beverage People in Santa Rosa , Bob has the market cornered for those of us needing supplies for home  wine, beer, vinegar, and cheese making.
The Beverage People recently opened a new location and has everything you need to be a master of the yeast. Classes include the  basic to advance in making your favorite food or beverage.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11/26-Larry Van Aalst visits with Kathleen Inman & Dan Berger

Principal and Winemaker for Inman Family Wines, Kathleen has been directing the Winery since the year 2000.  A sustainable , natural approach to growing grapes and making wine has produced some of the nicest results in all of Sonoma County . Kathleen will be with us to talk about life as a lady winemaker, and we will be tasting some recent releases.

Dan Berger- Columnist , Author, Wine Competition Director & Wine Judge
Writer, Educator , Wine Competition Director , Dan is a regular guest on The Sonoma Report. Dan will be with us to talk about Inman Family Wines, one of his favorite wineries in Northern California.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11/12-Larry Van Aalst talks to Joe Hasson & Jerrett Davis

VP for Station Casinos , and General Manager for Graton Ranch Resort and Casino, puts Joe in the position as one of the most busy Wine Country execs. Celebrating a one year anniversary , Graton Ranch hit the ground running November of 2013, and continues to astound as the busiest of all Sonoma County attractions. When the tasting rooms close and you are looking for a good time you now have a great place to go.

Executive Chef at 630 Park Steakhouse, Jerrett has with out question the nicest , high end , Steakhouse in Sonoma County. Rave reviews and one great wine list , make this a must do when you visit the casino.
The Chef will give us some tips on living the good life , casino style.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/29-Larry Van Aalst talks to Brenda Chatelain & Doug Mahoney

Brenda and her husband Al , are the proprietors at The Smoked Olive , in Sonoma County. Making extraordinary Olive Oils , and a unique brown sugar, they have drawn the attention of Chefs, all over the world. The smoking process Al has perfected , makes what they do unlike anything you may have tasted before . With the Holidays near, you have a chance to order by mail , and in case you are not invited to the White House,
(the products are a favorite of the President).you and the special people who get the gifts , are in for a treat.

Chef at The FountainGrove Inn , Doug oversees Equus Restaurant, and all the banquet functions .With Thanksgiving on the way , Chef Doug will give us some hints for cooking the turkey at home , or the best way to approach the out to dinner holiday experience.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10/15-Larry Van Aalst visits with Karissa Kruse & Miro Tcholkov

Recently appointed as the new Wine Grape Commission  Director, Karissa has more than 17 years of marketing experience. Put her Masters Degree in marketing with her owning a vineyard in Sonoma County,and it spells perfect person for the job. We will talk about some changes in The Commission, and the low down on the 2014 vintage.

VP and Director of Winemaking at Trentadue Winery along with his own brand Miro Wines , keeps Miro one busy guy. The number of other organizations Miro is involved with is indeed impressive.
We will talk about the last grapes coming in this week , and what Miro thinks will result from the dry year.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10/1-Larry Van Aalst talks with Brian Maurer & Dan Berger

The most respected buyer/seller, middle man in all of  Wine Country , Brian is the principal in Cellar Searchers .
If you have a cellar you need to thin, or you are in the market for some rare vintages or just plain great wine, Brian is the pro.
We will be talking about a new and novel way to buy wine , that has benefits never before seen in the industry.

Recently back from his extensive travels , Dan will be with us to talk about the pressing news from the Northern California
Harvest. Columnist , Author, Wine Competition Director, Wine Judge ,  and all around bastion of knowledge, we are in for a treat when Dan is on the show.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/24-Larry Van Aalst visits with Matthew Lowe & Tucker Taylor

A special Heirloom Tomato Festival Report

Matthew Lowe- CIA Graduate & Kendall-Jackson Gardens
CIA graduate and ten years experience with the Kendall-Jackson gardens, makes Matt the pro to know at the KJ hospitality facility, just north of Santa Rosa. Matt will bring us some new releases and tell us what  to expect at the upcoming   Heirloom Tomato Festival.

Tucker Taylor -  Head Gardner, KJ Gardens
Head Gardner at the KJ gardens , Tucker is a miracle worker. With more than 175 different tomatoes and a wealth of other fruits , herbs, and vegetables , the gardens are a master work of the man who has a world wide reputation for excellence. We will talk about this years growing season and taste some of the bounty.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8/6-Larry Van Aalst talks to Erik Miller & Dan Barwick

Erik Miller - Owner & Winemaker, Kokomo Winery
Owner, Winemaker at Kokomo Winery in the Dry Creek area of Sonoma County, Erik is the man in the know about the Indy Competition.
Born and raised in Indiana , he learned his trade and moved to California to make world class , award winning wines. We will talk about the results , and sweepstakes winning wines, and Eriks' new releases at Kokomo.

Winemaker / Principal at Paradise Ridge Winery , Dans'  Winery is just a mile away from our CRN studio in Santa Rosa. A veteran  Judge at the Indy International , Dan will give us the low down on all that makes the competition unique.
We will also discus the new releases at Paradise Ridge ,and talk about the weather and its' effect on the 2014 vintage.

Monday, August 4, 2014

7/23-Larry Van Aalst visits with Dr. William Silver & Rick Moshin

Dr. William Silver- Sonoma State University's Wine Business Department
Bill will be joining us from Sonoma State University's Wine Business Department to talk about the only program in the Americas, that offers a MBA in Wine Business.  We will get the breaking news about an important endowment that will greatly enhance Sonoma State's ability to offer the best in Wine Education.

Rick Moshin- As the Owner & Winemaker, Moshin Vineryards
As the Owner/Winemaker at Moshin Vineryards, Rick has one of the most modern  facilities in all of the Americas. With the state of the art winery, and Rick's hands on approach , he is making spectacular award winning wines. We will talk about the new releases , and the dry weather effect on the 2014 vintage.

7/09-Larry Van Aalst talks to Kevin Mawhimney & Dan Berger

Kevin Mawhimney- Inspiration Vineyards, Santa Rosa
Recently graduated from UC Santa Barbra, Kevin brings his education and enthusiasm to Inspiration Vineyards in Santa Rosa.
We will talk about the newest approaches in making wine, and Kevins' love of the barrel.

Author , Wine Judge, Wine Competition Director, and all around interesting guy, Dan is the Dean of Wine in Sonoma County.
Recently back from New York , Dan will tell us the latest news from the east coast , will give us the inside info. on Vintage Experiences , his go to web page.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

6/25-Larry Van Aalst talks to Galen McCorkle / Pat Ross & Kaveh Azari

Galen McCorkle / Pat Ross - Jackson Family Wines & Matanzas Creek Winery
Galen is with Jackson Family Wines and will be bringing Pat Ross from Matanzas Creek Winery with her. Pat will tell us about the spectacular Lavender Festival held at the winery every year, and Galen will fill us in on the other great events coming up over the summer at The Family Wineries.

Azari Vineyards is one of the new wineries in Sonoma County.
Located in the Petaluma Gap, they are producing a number of different wines
and getting very good press. Kaveh, son of the  owners will be with us to talk about the wines , and the wonder of the Petaluma Gap.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

6/11-Larry Van Aalst talks to Chris Russi & Dan Wildermuth

Chris Russi - Winemaker, Comstock Wines
One of the newest wineries in Dry Creek, Comstock Wines, has chosen a Sonoma County Star, Chris Russi as it's winemaker. Honing his skills around the world, Chris was most recently with Thomas George Estates, and Christopher Creek . We will talk about Comstock , gearing up for the Fall of 2014 , and the huge task of a new winery startup.

Dan Wildermuth - Rodney Strong Vineyards
Part of the amazing team at Rodney Strong Vineyards, Dan will be with us to talk about their great wines , but also to preview one of the best Wine Country Events of the year, Wine Country Weekend.
Dan will tell us about the involvement by Rodney Strong in the Labor Day Weekend  festival,and what to expect this year.

5/28-Larry Van Aalst visits with Steve Falk & Erik Miller

Steve Falk - CEO, Sonoma Media
As CEO for Sonoma Media, Steve is the Publisher of Northern California Wine Country's most read newspaper. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat has readers all over the North Bay Area, and is the long standing go to for world and local news. With a background in publishing , Steve worked on the start up of USA Today, and was the former publisher of The San Francisco Chronicle. We will be talking about The North Coast Wine Challenge , a one of a kind Wine Competition , recently held in Santa Rosa.

Erik Miller - Winemaker & Partner, Kokomo Winery
Winemaker and partner in Kokomo Winery , Erik is one of the young stars in Sonoma County. Raised and schooled in Indiana , Erik is living the dream , and just won a sweepstakes award at The North Coast Wine Challenge.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5/14-Larry Van Aalst talks to Duskie Estes & Mac McDonald

Duskie Estes - Chef & Principle, Zazu Restaurant
Chef and a principle in Zazu Restaurant in Sebastopol California, Duskie has an affinity for pork and has become recognized across
the nation for her "snout to tail" approach" in dealing with the perfect pairing for the great Sonoma County Pinot Noirs. Recently on both the Food Channel , and PBS in both Chefs a Field, and A Moveable Feast , Duskie is becoming a national treasure in her field, and is without question a sparkling gem in Sonoma County's culinary scene.

Mac McDonald - Owner, Vision Cellars
Mac and his wife Lil , are the owners of Vision Cellars in the heart of The Russian River AVA in Sonoma County. From son of a moonshine maker in Texas to making some of the best Pinot Noir around, Mac has stories to delight all wine lovers. Mac and Duskie , mentioned above, have a mutual admiration for each other, producing food and wine that are meant for each other. We will talk about Pinot Noir , Pork , and living the good life in Sonoma.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

4/30-Larry Van Aalst talks with Sarah Cummings & Dan Barwick

Sarah Cummings -  CEO, Sonoma Marin Fair
New to the Sonoma Marin Fair , Sarah is the CEO , and oversees one of the best family events in all of California. Sarah will be with us to share the charm and good times to be had at a regional fair , and talk about the North of the Gate Wine Competition held last week, featuring wines from the AVAs north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Dan Barwick - Winemaker, Paradise Ridge
Winemaker for Paradise Ridge Winery keeps Dan in the Wine Country fast lane . One of CRN's Mike Horn's favorites, and our Santa Rosa studio's closest neighbor, Paradise Ridge produces a wide range of award winning wines , at one of the most beautiful facilities in all Sonoma County. 
Dan will tell us about the new releases and the 2014 vintage.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

4/16-Larry Van Aalst talks to Denise Gill & Alex Kanzler

Denise Gill - Alexander Valley Vineyards
Alexander Valley Vineyards has one of the most well know wine industry professionals on staff. Denise Gill works with the wine club members and promotes this great property. Alexander Valley Vineyards is in upper Sonoma County on Highway 128 and produces a wide range of exceptional wines. Denise will tell us about the new releases and the great times to be had at this hospitable winery.

Alex Kanzler - Assistant Winemaker, VML Winery
Assistant Winemaker for VML Winery , Alex works in one of the most beautiful spots in all Sonoma County. In the heart of the Pinot Noir World VML is producing world class wines. Alex will tell us the story of a young traveling winemaker who lands in a dream job.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

4/2-Larry Van Aalst talks with Robert Merletti & Mariah Clinton / Joel Bellagio

Robert Merletti - Chairman / Owner, Vineyard and Winery Management Magazine
As Chairman / Owner of Vineyard and Winery Management Magazine , Rob is at the helm of one of the most influential publications in all of Wine Country. Dealing mainly with the professional side of the wine industry, the magazine reports on all aspects of management, production and sales. Weather is in the news ,and we will also be talking about the wine competitions sponsored by VWM.

Mariah Clinton / Joel Bellagio - KRCB Auction
The big KRCB Auction is coming up and the local PBS station has treasures galore this year. Mariah and Joel are in charge of one of the great fund raising events in Northern California . We will be talking about some extraordinary auction lots up for grabs , and how you can follow this Wine Country extravaganza on line , and perhaps come away a winner.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

3/19-Larry Van Aalst talks to Scot Covington & Sean Brosnihan

Scot Covington - Winemaker, Trione Winery
Since the inception , Scot has been Winemaker for Trione Winery in the Alexander Valley. Great wines, accolades galore and being family driven makes Trione one of the premiere spots in Sonoma County.
Scot will be with us to talk about the 2014 vintage, and what to look for in
current releases.

For the perfect experience at Jordan Winery , put yourself in Sean's hands.
As the manager of Direct to Consumer Sales , being a sommelier is a big plus. Jordan Winery is one of the best know wineries in all of California , and Sean will give us the story behind a world class operation in our own back yard.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3/5-Larry Van Aalst visits with Sue Straight

Sue Straight - "The Wine Wench"
Sue ,"The Wine Wench" is one of the best know advocates in the Northern California wine industry. Sue will be here to tell us about the Winter and Spring events that should not be missed. The upcoming Pinot Summit is  at the top of the list of special happenings. Taking place in March the Summit has some of the best Pinot Noirs in the world available to taste. Listen to The Sonoma Wine Report to find out you might win tickets to this great day in San Francisco.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2/19-Larry Van Aalst talks with Tom Simoneau, Mike Martini & Ray Johnson

Tom Simoneau - "The Wine Guy", owner of Simoneau Vineyards
Tom ,"The Wine Guy" is owner of Simoneau Vineyards , and has a radio show on KSRO in Santa Rosa. Tom is a central figure in Northern California Wine Country and was recently a Judge at The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. We will be talking about new releases and the weather affecting the 2014 vintage.

Mike Martini - Taft Street Winery
Mike Martini - Mike is a principle in Taft Street Winery, and former Mayor of Santa Rosa Ca. Mike will be with us to talk about the upcoming Wine Road Tasting , happening the first two weekends in March. One of the biggest wine events on earth the barrel tasting is not to be missed.

Ray Johnson -Director, Wine Business Institute
Ray is Director of Wine Business Institute , at Sonoma Stete University. Ray is also a Director of The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and is just back from the public tasting this last weekend in San Francisco. The largest judging of American Wines in the world , and one of the largest public events in the wine industry is a huge task , Ray will give us an inside look at what it takes to put this together.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2/5-Larry Van Aalst talks with Debra Del Fiorentino / Jil Child & Chris Smith

Debra Del Fiorentino / Jil Child- Vineyard and Winery Management Magazine
The two pivotal workers at Vineyard and Winery Management Magazine , Debra and Jil are in charge of all the sponsored Wine Competitions. We will talk about the upcoming East Meets West tasting to be held Feb. 19.

Chris Smith - The Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Northern California's premiere Wine Country newspaper, The Santa Rosa Press Democrat has a local columnist  , Chris Smith who is perhaps the most read of any of the papers features. Chris has his finger on the pulse of Sonoma County , and will be here to talk about his favorite places and things to do on your visit.