Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8/6-Larry Van Aalst talks to Erik Miller & Dan Barwick

Erik Miller - Owner & Winemaker, Kokomo Winery
Owner, Winemaker at Kokomo Winery in the Dry Creek area of Sonoma County, Erik is the man in the know about the Indy Competition.
Born and raised in Indiana , he learned his trade and moved to California to make world class , award winning wines. We will talk about the results , and sweepstakes winning wines, and Eriks' new releases at Kokomo.

Winemaker / Principal at Paradise Ridge Winery , Dans'  Winery is just a mile away from our CRN studio in Santa Rosa. A veteran  Judge at the Indy International , Dan will give us the low down on all that makes the competition unique.
We will also discus the new releases at Paradise Ridge ,and talk about the weather and its' effect on the 2014 vintage.

Monday, August 4, 2014

7/23-Larry Van Aalst visits with Dr. William Silver & Rick Moshin

Dr. William Silver- Sonoma State University's Wine Business Department
Bill will be joining us from Sonoma State University's Wine Business Department to talk about the only program in the Americas, that offers a MBA in Wine Business.  We will get the breaking news about an important endowment that will greatly enhance Sonoma State's ability to offer the best in Wine Education.

Rick Moshin- As the Owner & Winemaker, Moshin Vineryards
As the Owner/Winemaker at Moshin Vineryards, Rick has one of the most modern  facilities in all of the Americas. With the state of the art winery, and Rick's hands on approach , he is making spectacular award winning wines. We will talk about the new releases , and the dry weather effect on the 2014 vintage.

7/09-Larry Van Aalst talks to Kevin Mawhimney & Dan Berger

Kevin Mawhimney- Inspiration Vineyards, Santa Rosa
Recently graduated from UC Santa Barbra, Kevin brings his education and enthusiasm to Inspiration Vineyards in Santa Rosa.
We will talk about the newest approaches in making wine, and Kevins' love of the barrel.

Author , Wine Judge, Wine Competition Director, and all around interesting guy, Dan is the Dean of Wine in Sonoma County.
Recently back from New York , Dan will tell us the latest news from the east coast , will give us the inside info. on Vintage Experiences , his go to web page.