Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8/19-Larry Van Aalst talks with Carolyn Stark

Carolyn Stark - Executive Director, The Sonoma County Vintners Association
As a new Executive Director of The Sonoma County Vintners Association, Carolyn has hit the ground running with the upcoming Sonoma County Wine Weekend. We will be talking about what I believe to be the best of Northern California's  wine events. Friday to Sunday of Labor Day Weekend the Vintners Association hits it out of the park with lunches, dinners , and The Taste of Sonoma , held at MacMurray Ranch. Carolyn will tell us the available tickets and have one of the participating Winemakers stop by to give us the inside take on this great party.

8/5-Larry Van Aalst visits with Steve Heller & Dan Berger

Steve Heller -  Owner, Heller Estate Vineyards
As the owner of Heller Estate Vineyards , Steve has a very busy life. Now as the leader of the vineyard owners in the new FountainGrove AVA, Steve has all that more to do getting the word out about the newest AVA in Sonoma County. We will talk about the history of FountainGrove ,and the area in the eastern part of the County , know for great grapes.

Dan Berger - Author , Newspaper Writer, Professional Wine Judge & Wine Competition Organizer
Author , Newspaper Writer, Professional Wine Judge , Wine Competition Organizer , and a man of many other talents , Dan will be with us to talk about the Central Coast Wine Competition. The new FountainGrove AVA is also on the slate of what happening on wine for this discussion.

7/22-Larry Van Aalst talks to Chris Donatiello & Karissa Kruse


Chris Donatiello - Owner, C.Donatiello Winery
Owner of C.Donatiello Winery in the Russian River area of Sonoma County, Chris comes from a background of wine and spirits sales in New York. With a get back to basics approach, and a focus on Pinot Noir , Chris has kept his promise of making wine that is "a joy to drink".Chris will talk about the new releases and another project he is undertaking.

Karissa Kruse - President, Sonoma County Winegrowers
President of Sonoma County Winegrowers, Karissa uses her education at The Wharton School of Business to keep order in  this large organization. Partner in a small Bennett Valley vineyard, Karissa will tell us the thrill and trials of growing grapes in one of the best places on earth.

7/8-Larry Van Aaslt visits with Dan Barwick & Carolyn Stark

Dan Barwick - Winemaker, Paradise Ridge Winery
Winemaker for Paradise Ridge Winery is a full time job for Dan but along with working a  consulting Winemaker for a number of other wineries in Sonoma County, he also is a world traveler, and is involved with the extraordinary events at Paradise Ridge.  Located in one of the most beautiful spots in the County, the Outdoor Art Gallery , the new pizza oven , and the new outdoor theatre make for a world class wine center. Dan will be with us to talk about the new releases of his award winning wines and the special events coming up this year.

Carolyn Stark-  Executive Director, The Sonoma County Vintners Association
The new Executive Director at The Sonoma County Vintners Association is off to a great start with a unique  approach to a barrel auction which raised more than one million dollars for charity this year. The real news the Sonoma County Wine Weekend , coming up Labor Day. One of the nicest of all wine country events The Wine Weekend runs all three days of the long weekend. Exceptional food, wine, and special events make this an event not to be missed. Carolyn will tell you all about the weekend that usually sells out.

6/24-Larry Van Aalst talks with Guy Davis & Bob Cooley

Guy Davis - Owner & Winemaker, Davis Family Vineyards
Owner, Winemaker at Davis Family Vineyards , Guy is a back to the earth sort of person. Davis Family has been producing extraordinary wine for some years now and Guy is a go to for all things Sonoma . Recently featured on the TV series , A Movable Feast, the essence of Sonoma County is in the family , and the wines they produce.

Bob Cooley - Vice President of Sales, Benovia Winery
Vice President of Sales at Benovia Winery, Bob is in the company of some of the most talented wine stars in Somoma. After a long association with some of the best wineries in Northern California , Bob has found a home at a newer winery in Sonoma County. Pinot Noir , Chardonnay , and Zinfandel , the grapes Sonoma is known for, are the focus  at one of the most talked about of our new wineries.

6/10 - Larry Van Aalst visits with Scot Covington & Pier Paolo Aymar

Scot Covington - After living all over the US , and making wine all over the world , Scot landed the job of Winemaker at Trione Vineyards. Scot is making world class wines and living the good life in one of Sonoma County's most impressive locals. We will talk about the loss of Henry Trione patriarch of the family , and some impressive awards the wines have just won.
With a degree in hand from Fresno State , and Sonoma calling him home, Pier Paolo returned to his home county. After working for some very well know wineries , Pier Paolo has taken a job for The County of Sonoma as an Agricultural Assistant, in The Invasive Insect Protection Program. We will find out that the wine industry isn't just tasting and spitting. The work and concern the County ,and the State put into pest prevention are a big part in putting a nice bottle of wine on our tables.

5/27 - Larry Van Aalst talks with George Christie & Matt Smith

George Christie - President / CEO, Wine Industry Network (WIN)
As President / CEO of Wine Industry Network (WIN) George puts his many years of experience in the wine business to its best use. One of the very best of the sites for wine related news , WIN gives updates everyday for both professionals and all those interested in wine on the latest . George will be with us to give us the  scoop on what's happening in the industry , and tell us about one of the great family owned small wineries in Sonoma County.

Matt Smith - Grapeseed
Matt Smith - After many years as a winemaker at Kendall Jackson , Matt has joined a revolution happening in Wine Country. Grapeseed is a new collective that allows it's members to bring the best of there efforts to the market in an entirely new way . Matt will tell us about why we all should follow the happenings of something on the cutting edge in wine.