Tuesday, August 25, 2015

6/10 - Larry Van Aalst visits with Scot Covington & Pier Paolo Aymar

Scot Covington - After living all over the US , and making wine all over the world , Scot landed the job of Winemaker at Trione Vineyards. Scot is making world class wines and living the good life in one of Sonoma County's most impressive locals. We will talk about the loss of Henry Trione patriarch of the family , and some impressive awards the wines have just won.
With a degree in hand from Fresno State , and Sonoma calling him home, Pier Paolo returned to his home county. After working for some very well know wineries , Pier Paolo has taken a job for The County of Sonoma as an Agricultural Assistant, in The Invasive Insect Protection Program. We will find out that the wine industry isn't just tasting and spitting. The work and concern the County ,and the State put into pest prevention are a big part in putting a nice bottle of wine on our tables.

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