Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1/25-Larry Van Aalst speaks to Bruce & Steve Cousins and Brenda Chatelain

Bruce & Steve Cousins - Partner Owners, Armida Winery
Partner owners of Armida Winery, brothers Bruce and Steve Cousins, have one of the happening spots in all of Sonoma County.
Along with producing exceptional award winning wines , the winery is host to some of the best events in Wine Country. We will talk about "Heaven & Hell",
the theme of Barrel Tasting Weekend, coming up in March, and also preview some of the new releases.

Brenda Chatelain - The Smoked Olive

The driving force behind The Smoked Olive Brenda has made a mark on specialty foods in the past few years.  Smoked olive oil, was the first product that got rave reviews in the press. Now expanding the line Brenda will be here to talk with us about some new and sensational offerings
all produced in Sonoma County.

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