Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2/17 Larry Van Aalst talks with Beth Costa & Miro Tcholakov

Beth Costa -  Executive Director, The Wine Road 

As the Executive Director of The Wine Road, Beth is in charge of  the most events ever this year. The biggest event by far, The Wine Road Barrel Tasting to be held the first two weekends in March. The largest tasting  in the world, Wine Road will bring together tasters and principles in Sonoma County.  We talk about the best way to approach the event, and Beth's ideas about a perfect weekend.

Miro Tcholakov - Winemaker, Trentadue Winery

Mr. Tcholakov is always on the go. Deeply involved in Rhone wines and sitting on boards and panels all over, the Wine Road Barrel Tasting is one more of the things on Miro's mind. We talk about the new vintages, the 2016 possibilities and the recent awards won at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

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